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About Us

The Ohio-Kentucky Steel, LLC is located in an 88,000 square foot facility in Franklin, Ohio. The company's primary service is the slitting of carbon and stainless steel coil. The nature of our service is to transform mill master coil into slit coils tailored to the customers' tooling requirements. The company is located in an area advantageous to supplying the Just-In-Time inventory programs required by the auto industry and obtaining favorable freight rates.



“Our close proximity to many steel mills and the interstate system enables us to support just-in-time inventory programs and obtain favorable freight rates.”

David Feniger
Ohio-Kentucky Steel



Just-In-Time Delivery


Just-in-time: Ohio-Kentucky Steel works with your manufacturing programs to deliver product precisely when you need it.




Slitting to your specifications: Ohio-Kentucky Steel uses twin interchangeable Stamco slitter heads, plus a Stamco synchronowind tension unit for Class I and II finished product. Both slitters are equipped with 30-feet deep looping pits with tension stands for tight wound, straight wall coils.


Ohio-Kentucky Steel, LLC Experienced Staff

Convenience: Ohio-Kentucky Steel is conveniently located off of Interstate 75, and only nine miles from AK Steel in Middletown.

Our people make the difference: An experienced workforce with an average length of service of 17 years ensures your steel is slit to your exacting requirements.

The Perfect Wall - Slitting

Steel Storage

The perfect wall: When we slit your steel, we strive to exceed your expectations every time.

Taking care of your steel: Storage and slitting capacity in excess of 225,000 tons per year

Ohio-Kentucky Steel Corporation